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One of the core objectives of GSIGMA is to carry out research in relevant themes of the industrial area with the focus on issues and subjects related to the Collaborative Networked Organizations (CNO) paradigm. This type of network considers the establishment of dynamic and temporary global alliances among organizations of different kinds and origins (enterprises, professionals, NGOs, governmental bodies, and so forth) as an strategy to either cope with a requirement or to respond to a business opportunity so that all transactions are supported by a computational network based on advanced platforms and applications. When a specific group of organizations in temporarily created – for a given business – it is considered to be a Virtual Organization (VO) which dissolves as soon as the business is completed.

Main research lines:

  • VO Management;
  • Enterprises and Processes Modelling;
  • VO Ontology;
  • VO Education & Training;
  • Development of software (desktop and web-based) for all phases of the VO life-cycle (creation and configuration, operation and evolution, dissolution);
  • VO supporting platforms;
  • Integration and interoperation of systems.

  • The Lab 

    GSIGMA is physically in the Automation and Systems Engineering building (CTC/1st floor) and in the LTIC. The Lab is equipped with PCs, printers, scanners and other devices, as well as with a library containing around 90 books related to GSIGMA research areas.


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